The meetings only have place on an appointment. There are three kinds of meetings:

The standard meeting at a fixe rate of € 70,00, only Monday afternoon, on appointment.

The private meeting at a fixe rate of  € 100,00, any other day, on appointment.

The urgent meeting at a fixe rate of  € 120,00, established in priority in accordance with the calendar possibilities.

It contains an oral advice on the basis of documents hand over and is to pay immediately.

The advantage is that you obtain an advice without need to commit to whatsoever.

If, after this advice, the intervention of a counsel is wished, you shall need to agree together on the method of fee calculation.

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Originally, Lawyers could not claim fees. During those times, their level of instruction was in itself the demonstration that they did not need to earn their living.

In the near past, Lawyers could establish their fees according to their appreciation of the customer situation in accordance with the law which sates: “The lawyers should establish their fees with discretion and within the expectation of their practice and function”. This can be understood in two ways:

  • The lawyer decides on his own discretion the way to fix its costs, without the intervention of his customer in this perspective…Bearing in mind the possibility for the customers to challenge this within a framework of a claim, ones the fees surpass the boundaries of a just moderation …
  • The discretion supposes that the lawyer avoid any grounds for dispute by deciding with equity the way to fix its costs …

Part of the elderly lawyers fixes their fees regarding the volume of the documents while measuring in centimetres the thickness of their file. Often they reach the same result as the computer which calculates all in detail!

Growth in consumerism and the expansion of IT in the workplace did not solve the problem of expensive fees. Nor did European competition law which barred collusion fixing prices at national level.

In case of disagreement about fees, a free service provided by the bar association exists which aims to settle disputes. An elderly lawyer nominated by the bar association usually assumes the role of third party.

If an agreement is still not reached, the dispute is then settled in court according to the opinion of the bar regulatory body.